Solar Inverter

Solar panels generate electricity in DC, which transfers to the batteries in our highly effective solar inverters. With an inbuilt charge regulator, our solar inverter makes sure that precise charge is supplied to the batteries, and when the batteries are completely charged, the release electricity in AC. This electricity is supplied to the main grid and powers the entire house through solar energy stored in the batteries. As soon as the batteries start draining, it switches back the grid and instigates recharging of the batteries through solar energy.

We bring you the finest hybrid solar inverter that is ideal for your house and commercial electricity requirements. It automatically charges the battery whenever there is a need, and hence, offers you complete freedom from hassles engaged with this process. The unique and advanced features of our solar inverter make it one of the most preferred choices for all sorts of residential and commercial applications.

What makes our Solar Inverter Unique?

  • Excellent Charge Sharing System
  • Disable Battery Charging option can help you save on hefty electricity bills
  • Advanced Technology Helps to Keep the Battery Healthy for Much Longer Duration
  • Excellent Resistance against Fluctuating Voltage and Unexpected Shocks
  • Protection from Overloading and hence keeping your Solar System Absolutely Safe
  • Uninterrupted Charging Even under Low Voltage
  • In-Built Charge Controller Ensures the Battery is Efficiently Charged

We can offer you varieties of solar inverters, like Stand-alone inverters, Grid-tie Inverters and Battery Backup Inverters.

Solar Inverter - Solar power System

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